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The Church

by Pene Burkey @2000


The Church is not a building; 
It's a body. 
It has no rooms for cleaning, 
Or a lobby. 
You cannot paint its walls -or- 
Greet in the halls. 
The Church is not a building; 
It's a body. 

The Church is not an office; 
It's a body. 
It's not a place for business 
Or a party. 
It's not where we meet -or- 
Where we take a seat. 
The Church is not a building; 
It's a body. 

The Church is not in town; 
It is the City. 
It's not built upon the ground 
Or with money. 
You can't hang up a sign 
On brick, oak, or pine. 
The Church is not in town; 
It is the City. 

The Church is the Bride; 
Jesus is the Groom. 
Together they abide 
As new Jerusalem. 

The Church is the Kingdom; 
Its light is the Lord. 
For us He has come, 
So faithful is His Word!


Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!



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Live in the Now!

"Vision of New Jerusalem: Now!"

Controversial Christian minister, Marty Angelo releases new book - 10/04/2011

An in-depth study of the relationship of the kingdom of God, the Church, and the New Jerusalem

By understanding and applying the principles found in this book one will learn how to:

1) Stay out of troublesome situations... Now!

   2) Live a victorious overcoming life... Now!

   3) Experience inner peace... Now!

4) Build an important bridge between preterism/fulfilled eschatology and futurism... Now!


Remember Jesus Christ's words regarding what was going to happen within the generation living then. Not ours. See Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.



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