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Open Letter to Hollywood

An Open Letter To Hollywood



Marty Angelo Ministries reaches out to hundreds of troubled celebrities with substance abuse problems and/or criminal justice issues via books, letters, Christian rehab referrals and/or court appearances.



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Special message from Marty Angelo 

I spent 15 turbulent years in the entertainment industry prior to becoming a Christian in 1981 and I have a special burden for today's troubled celebrities. Many are suffering the same consequences from abusing drugs and alcohol that I experienced while living in the fast lane in the music business.

Unfortunately, there were not many people within the entertainment business back in the late '60s and '70s warning others of the high cost of leading such a sinful life. There was not much information available on how to change. Therefore, myself and many of my friends suffered severe hardships with some even resulting in early deaths. Not much has changed over the years.  

I believe as a Christian I have an obligation to encourage troubled celebrities to try a better road to travel; one that leads to everlasting peace, happiness and a new life that truly does matter. I reach out using letters, books, faith-based rehab referrals and court appearances. 

My prayer is that today's troubled celebrities will learn from my mistakes and seek a better life in Jesus Christ.




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