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Disco Step-by-Step® TV Show - YouTube


Disco Step-by-Step® - the first television show in the world dedicated to disco music, dance instruction, and hustle dancing. Videotaping began in late 1975 throughout 1976 and the first show aired on cable access on January 1, 1977. One year later the show moved from cable to WBEN-TV, a CBS affiliate in Buffalo, New York. It ran until late 1980.


Marty Angelo - Disco Step-by-Step® creator, producer, writer, and first host - 1975-1980


Disco Step-by-Step® TV Show - YouTube


The show was produced, written, created and first hosted by former disco dj and music business entrepreneur, Marty Angelo. He was inspired back in the 1950s to go into the music business after watching Dick Clark's American Bandstand. The show was later hosted by WBEN-TV's Kevin O'Connell.


Kevin O'Connell

Each one hour program consisted of four segments:  Disco Profile™ - special guests, Disco Dance Instruction™ - professionals teaching the latest dance styles, Disco Spotlight™ - featured dance couples, and Disco Make It or Break It™ - introduction and judgment of new songs.


Disco Step-by-Step® TV Show - YouTube


The latest disco dance music played in between each segment as experienced dancers danced either the New York Hustle, the Latin Hustle, or the Salsa.



The first shows aired in black and white throughout Western New York and surrounding areas on local cable television channels.  They were video taped live at various discos.



Disco Step-by-Step® TV Show - YouTube


The program remained on cable from January 1, 1977 to June 30, 1977. It moved to a local network affiliate (WBEN/WIVB TV Channel 4) for the 1977 fall season.


Producer Marty Angelo and WBEN/WIVB TV Channel 4 Director Paul C. Hansen


Marty Angelo was contracted to create, produce and write his original Disco Step-by-Step® show for this new production.  The network affiliate supplied the remote videotape facilities using broadcast quality equipment.  The new enhanced show premiered on September 23, 1977.


Disco Step-by-Step® TV Show - YouTube


Disco Step-by-Step®  was not only the first television show in the world dedicated to disco dance music, it was the first cable produced television show to ever cross over to a local broadcast network affiliate.



Nielsen Media Research rated the show as the leader in its Saturday 3-4 pm time slot. It had over 400,000 weekly viewers in Western New York, parts of Pennsylvania and southern Ontario.  These ratings attracted hundreds of local and national advertisers.


Disco Step-by-Step® TV Show - YouTube


A total of 73 shows aired (45 original programs plus 28 reruns) from January 1, 1977 to January 15, 1980. All available master tape copies were donated to the United States Library of Congress in 2001.




A tribute website designed in 2000 was donated to the LOC in 2005 which turned out to be the first Internet website ever donated to the Library of Congress.



Some of the guests who appeared on Disco Step-by-Step® either in person or via videotape are:  Andy Gibb, Bar Kays,  Bee Gees, Celi Bee & Buzzy Bunch, Cerrone,  Chic, Claudja Barry,  Commodores,  Billy Fajardo and Disco Dance Dimensions,  Donna McDaniels, Donna Summer, Earth - Wind and Fire,  Eddie Rivera,  Fist o Funk Orchestra,  Gary Criss,  Grace Jones, Jacksons,  John Travolta,  Johnny Guitar Watson, Odyssey, Peter Brown, Platters,  Rick James,  Ritchie Family, Saturday Night Fever movie,  Sharon Williams,  Silver Convention, T-Connection, Thank God It's Friday movie,  Vicki Sue Robinson, Village People,  William Bell, Yvonne Elliman and others.


Disco Step-by-Step® TV Show - YouTube





A 25 year reunion party was held on June 7, 2002 in Buffalo, New York at the Tralfamadore Cafe.


Thelma Houston


Djs Charlie Anzalone, John Ceglia, Charlie Cimino, John Bisci and Gary Deane





Special Historical Disco Projects

Please click on above link for various projects involving Disco Step-by-Step® from 2000 - 2011.



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Disco Step-by-Step® TV Show - YouTube




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