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Top 25 Disco Record Promoters - 1978



Disco Fever - The Beat, People, Places, Styles, Deejays, Groups - 1978 - Author Kitty Hanson, Signet Books #361-J8452.


London Records' national disco promotion man, Billy Smith, picks the disco deejays most important in breaking (introducing) a new record:


Jim Burgess - New York City, John Luongo - Boston, Kevin Burke - New York, John Hedes - San Francisco, Manny Slali - Hollywood, Roy Thode - New York, Richie Kaczor - New York, Richie Rivera - New York, A.J. Miller - Hollywood, Wayne Geftman - Philadelphia, Howard Metz - Dallas, Bo Crane - Miami, Howard Meritt - New York, Billy Stooke - Boston, Louis Padcira - San Juan, Vince Michaels - Washington, DC, Marty Angelo - Buffalo, Jack Witherby - Phoenix, Marty Dow - Key West, Paul Poulos - New York, Gary Larkin - Pittsburgh, Mort Christensen - Cleveland, Ken Smith - Houston, Bill Kennedy - Philadelphia



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