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Angelo has donated upwards of 100,000 copies of "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning - 1st Edition" to hundreds of prisons, jails, rehabs and troubled celebrities around the country.




Marty hopes you enjoy this free copy of the digital 2nd edition of his book.

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Marty Angelo


From a 1960s Left-Wing, Woodstock, Baby Boomer Generation, Radical, Liberal, Drugged, Hippie card carrying member of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) to an on-fire Spirit-Filled Christian Conservative. How is that possible?

For over 35+ years Marty Angelo, through his Once Life Matters Ministries, Inc. reached out to prisons/jails, ex-prisoners, rehabs, college campuses, troubled celebrities, politicians and to various members of the military.

Marty Angelo is a retired prison minister, drug rehab counselor, and prison reformer. He is the founder of Once Life Matters Ministries, Inc. and prior to his electrifying Christian conversion in 1981 was a successful music business entrepreneur. 

Since his retirement in late 2018 Angelo gratefully declines all interview requests.

Angelo is the author of 11 books that are available through Amazon (see link)






Names, Titles and Manifestations of God





Vision of New Jerusalem: Now! 2nd Edition



Image result for marty angelo live to tell


Live to Tell - The 700 Club interviews Marty Angelo 2007

He lived a life of luxury that came at a high price. Why his dream of making it big in the music business almost killed him.




Turning Point USA News Interviews Marty Angelo - 05/16/2017




Marty discusses his past as a leftist liberal college student as a 60s member of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and how it relates to recent left wing Antifa antics.



Angelo remarked, Remembering what the ultimate price one pays for radical behavior, maybe members of Antifa need to take the hint. 

"Four Dead in Ohio"

"Ohio" is a protest song and counterculture anthem written and composed by Neil Young in reaction to the Kent State University shootings of May 4, 1970, and performed by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The Ohio State National Guard was called up to help control the unrest on Kent State campus.






The Open Door: Chuck Colson - How His Legacy of Hope Lives On.

In this tribute to Chuck Colson, former prisoner Marty Angelo shares how Chuck Colson (former White House Special Counsel to President Richard Nixon and later founder of Prison Fellowship Miniseries) had a direct impact on his own life and transformation from disgraced producer to follower of Jesus Christ.




Secondly Magazine (the magazine for Christian Millennials) interviews Marty Angelo





Greek Blues Music Magazine interviews Marty Angelo



Read online or download



"Once Life Matters: A New Beginning - 2nd. Edition." ______________________ 


Two other free books for online reading or downloading




"Addiction is NOT a Disease"




"We are NOT Living in the Last Generation, Last Days, or End Times"

The above book is in response to New Left radical, socialistic, politicians such as Robert Francis Beto ORouke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and to the numerous modern day Christian fear-mongering, fear-bating, doomsday prophets, authors, and television evangelists.




Famous words: “Education is useless without the Bible.” (Daniel Webster)




Does the study of eschatology (the study of biblical end times) matter? What if the modern day doomsday prophets and television Evangelists are wrong? Are we really living in the last generation, last days or end times?


Video: "What Think Ye of Christ? Are Preterists and Futurists both Wrong?"

Article: "What Think Ye of Christ? Are Preterists and Futurists both Wrong?"


Press Release 08/05/2019



Former Popular Prison Minister Discusses Similarities Between Today's Radical Antifa and the Leftists 60's SDS



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